There should be no one in the community that cannot bring something, or take something of value from this wildlife garden project.

If you are interested in helping turn this old church yard in to a wonderful rambling wildlife garden, come and join the volunteer team on Wednesday afternoons!


Do I need to be a gardener?

No! Our diverse team has people of all ages, and levels of interest, so as long as you like being outdoors and can appreciate wildlife from bugs to birds – or simply want to help document the project by clicking away with your camera – get in touch!

I cant do much physically, can I still be involved?

Yes. There are many roles that can be filled from admin, to sit down tasks such as plant label making or potting on. We also have an access gate that is available to anyone with mobility needs.

Can I bring my child to help on Wednesdays?

We prefer adults only on Wednesday sessions as we often have tools and obstacles laying around.

Can I refer clients on to you from my health and well being related organisation?

Yes. We do ask for a buddy to come with new volunteers that have been recommended this way, as we have very few team members to go around. We also ask you to support this not for profit organisation by making a donation from your available funds if you can.

How long are the sessions?

As long as you want them to be! Generally we start at 1pm and finish at 4pm. Most of our garden volunteer team come for the whole lot, but you are free to choose if you feel that a smaller time slot suits!

What will I get out of it?

You will be part of a great team, of friendly people who want to help wildlife and learn about plants as you go. You also have a chance to chat to our team archaeologists who are often in the garden documenting and researching the history of the church yard – St Clements.

We hope that by being with our team, you will develop a really confident understanding of the diverse world of wildlife and some ways to look after and protect it. And an enjoyment and satisfaction of being outside with like minded people in a quiet, tranquil, slow moving space. Many of our volunteers have found that being part of this team can also really help with building confidence again, perhaps after a difficult life event or change of direction in the work place.

Do we do honey bee keeping?

No. we are in the very lucky and very unique position to have eminent UK bee expert Stuart Roberts, mentoring the garden project, and through him we have learned that wild solitary bees are in desperate need of more public awareness. So we will learn about these precious bee species, who are very diverse and rely on us managing our green spaces well to help them thrive! Therefore; domestic Honey Bee keeping is not something we do. We are wild for wild bees!

Learn more about our wild bee education initiative on our Bee City project page.

Are we open every day?

No. We are run purely on volunteers, and the garden is gated, so we open for team volunteer days on Wednesdays and then on dry weather Sundays for the public to come in and enjoy the space, or take part in one of our talks or other events. See the diary page for more info on this years fundraiser events.

Do I have to come in on Sundays when you open to the public?

If you can offer your time, especially when we hold events; we are always very grateful! We often need people to just wander round and answer questions about the project, or point out bees, or to help with workshops, tea and cake and so on. But again, you choose what suits you best!

Do I have to come to meetings?

No. We will always try to have our volunteer meetings and catch ups on a day we are already there. And of course tea and cake are very important too!

If all this sounds appealing to you – get in touch to arrange a date to pop in for an informal chat and tour of the garden. Or come to our next volunteers open day on March 21st 2018 from 2pm - 3pm at the garden. our Facebook info for this is here.