Book a speaker for your event, get in touch! Prices are £60 plus travel for a 45 minute talk plus questions . (See our seperate events page for the public talks we hold in the garden which are from £3-£5 to attend)

Workshops - whether it is for an alternative birthday treat or some time to slow down with friends. Email us to book one of these options. 

for grown ups - 'relax & wind down'

A crafty workshop treat: Sit around a camp fire with your party & decorate a set of five large wooden plant labels, using the garden herbs as inspiration. Slow down, chat & learn about herbs for bees, drink tea & most importantly, take your creations home feeling relaxed & ready for anything.

You will have a two hour slot with director Rebecca, a relaxed chat around the fire as you get creative with your extra large wooden plant labels (all materials supplied). You will learn about the benefits of herbs to pollinators and will have a chance to sample some home made herb teas....straight from the herbs in the garden! Breakfast tea, earl grey, coffee and cakes also available.  

2 hours 'Relax & Wind Down' experience = £40 per person.

Includes tea and cake, bee talk around the camp fire and all your plant labels and arty materials.

Minimum 8 people per party and a maximum of 12.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss a larger group coming in.

Bad weather - an alternative date will be decided at the time of booking. If the second date is cancelled due to bad weather; a refund will be offered/or try for another date if you are very keen to get your relaxing workshop in!

'Explore & Discover'

This is a peaceful sketching workshop & is a lovely alternative birthday treat for anyone who likes the calm of outdoors or quieter mindful activities. it gives participants opportunities to connect with nature & enter the world of their own imaginations as they watch wander and enjoy the garden . 

First we will make our own up-cycled sketch books and decorate the covers in ways that reflect our favourite things. Then we'll wander the garden to observe and sketch plants and wildlife as it bustles all around. We really encourage free wandering and imagination to create our arty wildlife sketch books in this workshop. (You do not need to be arty; this is about the quiet wandering and the peace it brings).

We strongly believe in this kind of 'discovery time' being the cornerstone of connecting with our internal & external environment. This workshop focuses on slowing down to the rhythm of the garden, therefore it may be suitable for ten year olds to teens, as well as adults! We end this workshop around the camp fire, where we will chat and have refreshments.

This workshop is suitable for those who do not care for the noisier activities to be found.

2 hours 'Explore & Discover' workshop experience = £40 per person.

Includes tea and cake, nature talk around the fire and all your arty materials to create your sketch book.

Minimum 8 people per party and a maximum of 12.

Bad weather notes apply, as above.

Sorry, we don't offer high energy work shops here in this peaceful wildlife space. 

**Younger folk -  can learn about bees at school or with your home ed us for some free bee work sheets to download, or pop in to enjoy your free time on an open Sunday afternoon with your older folk, parents and carers!**