Please contact us, if you would like to enquire about outdoor discovery workshops at The Secret Garden Salisbury

 We can tailor the workshop to suit key themes of study, giving practical informative outdoor lessons based around important subjects like pollinators and plants. We can also provide team building workshops, to help children work to each others strengths, learning to function and succeed as a group.

 Request a schools Bee City workshop pack!

 Choose from workshop themes:


Tasks in the 'Forest Schools' theme could include:

Building a shelter together, talking about toxic/edible plants, or creating a basic water collection system using things found in the garden. Wood whittling and animal tracks can also be included in this theme.

*This workshop leans toward practical tasks and team work.

Science and bio-blitz

Tasks in the ‘Science and Bio-blitz’ theme would include:

Workshops focusing on wild bee species based around expert information from national bee experts at BWARS. Attendees will learn about how selected species require sensitive land and ecosystems management, looking at how we can help them within our own smaller green spaces. This would include practical tasks like making bee homes and looking at the anatomy of a bee through hand lenses.

*This workshop mixes researching, referencing and recording skills, with practical hands on tasks.

Observation and Discovery

'Observation & Discovery' themed workshops are the most flexible, and our personal favourite!

Focussing on what we find in the garden depending on the time of year; the children will observe and sketch plant and wildlife species noting down small details and differences. (The children will have the task of making their sketch book, at school, before the visit.) The sketchbook will be taken around the garden and we really encourage the children to be very focused on what they see, watching closely, walking slowly and observing! This is a great workshop and has really profound beneficial impact on children; giving them rare opportunities to lead themselves and follow their own discovery route & instincts. Very effective for children with high energy or expectation led life styles.

At The Secret Garden Salisbury, we strongly believe in this kind of 'free discovery time' being a cornerstone of wider world engagement, personal awareness, confidence development, and connecting with ones environment. This workshop focuses on intuitive skill enhancement, sketching, using identification books as needed and slowing down to the rhythm of the garden and its wildlife; all vital for good awareness of our surroundings, personal development & happiness.

We end this workshop with quiet discussion time, where we will ask the children to discuss the value of being outside. We aim for children to be smiling and settled by the end of this work shop!

We have group time for refreshments and discussions during all our workshops. Story time can also be included in the workshop on request.

We will always tailor to suit age groups, and work with the class project themes. The average time schools may like to stay for a good workshop is 3-4 hours.

Please get in touch for charges, time slots, and further info.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wildlife garden soon.