The Secret Garden Salisbury is just one of my projects, but i am also very active as a freelance project maker beyond the garden, all with a similar theme of nature, art, people and wellbeing. Here are some examples of those -

Projects: Concept, Design and management -

The Bees Knees UK - An online Uk nature ecology & learning network group.

The Secret Garden Salisbury - an award winning community garden.

Salisbury Bee City - a long term pollinator awareness project, which has involved many schools and other groups.

Salisbury Bee Trail - an award winning augmented reality and graphic art, city trail, all about bees!

Salisbury Bee Trail App - An innovative App created to accompany the bee trail, with an added dimension of Augmented Reality to show the bees of the trail in 3D images, engage a younger audience and bring education around pollinators into a new arena. Winner of DEFRA award 2017

Another Lovely Walk - a walking group for the appreciation of nature/ connections/well-being.

The Princes Trust Learning Curve - A one off project, mentoring young people through a pollinator and history based placement at the secret garden salisbury.

The Plant Project - a collaboration project. A nursery school outreach strand of a wider porject, to create plant discovery lessons/workshops.

Making Memories - a collaboration project with local artists and school children. Hosting an art based early years learning project, outdoors within the secret garden. A successful exhibition to show the project was launched at Salisbury Art Centre, to close the project.

Burnley City Bee Trail - The Bee Trail commissioned to be installed permanently, in a green space project in Burnley. Partners; Padiham greenways and Burnley City Council.

Churchyard bee ecology study - organising the use of the secret garden, for a final year ecology student to do a study on pollinators.

Guys Marsh Prison - a mindfulness through nature project coming up in 2019

Alabare - A project to partner up and pool resources to co-promote organisaions and to further the mission for nature and well being. Coming up in 2019

Laverstock and Ford Country Park - a project working for the country park project team, alongside artists and other partners, to design and deliver a 13th bee on the site, to add onto my digital ar city bee trail. coming up in 2019.

Events: Design and management -

Exhibition at Salisbury Library - Fundraising, design and delivery of an awareness exhibition for the secret garden salisbury. October 2018.

Lower Bemerton Open Gardens - Theme design (pollinators and plants) and event management. June 2018.

Secret Sketching - a project tyo encourage children to be outside, use observation and learn basic art skills. July 2018.

Twice yearly fundraisers for the secret garden - all aspects from planning and promotion to delivery. Annually in May and November.

Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall - a project involving installing the bee trail around the festival site and giving talks/workshops on designing gardens for nature. July 2018

Trussell Trust and Woodlands school bee project - I designed a hands on project for the Trussell Trust (Bemerton Heath) and the community garden they run, to create space for pollinators within the garden. results and education value were considerable. Solitary bee boxes were made with the children as they learned about pollinators and other ‘bugs’.

Bee Bunting - A workshop as part of the wider launch day of the newly formed ‘Wiltshire Creative’ - For the re-forming and re-naming of previous city arts organisations. 2018

Equaliteas - A collaboration event day with Salisbury Democracy Cafe, celebrating 90 years since the Representation of the People Act 1928, which gave all men and women over 21 the equal right to vote.

Mentoring for other projects and start ups -

Friends of Victoria park - Inspire and advice on start up, with a focus towards holistic management of the park.

Marlborough Bee Roads - a presentation on my work, at the launch of a large ‘space for nature’ project which connects spaces and communities, by specially created ‘bee roads’. Talks and links continue.

Friends of Harnham Slope - Consult and advice on managing the site for pollinators. Design of visitors interpretation boards, with a focus on pollinators.

Festival Brighton - A learning and workshop pack about nature/pollinators, for use within the childrens zone.

Schools - Creation of free learning packs on pollinators, for schools, groups and home educators.

Volunteer and users of above projects - mentor and sign posting, development of skills and confidence and connecting with support networks chosen to suit needs.

Other -

Public speaking - various including at Salisbury International Arts Festival, Knoll Gardens, Salisbury Natural History Society, the W.I, Salisbury Civic Society and for local groups and businesses.

Published articles - Various

Creative project concepts, for the promotion of arts, ecology and wellbeing. A focus on communicating to all, clear understandable language and engaging, relevant visual content.

Promotion and marketing on all platforms including Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter.

Website management.

Active in local business and organisation networks, including the city council.

Awards -

Winner - DEFRA ‘Bees Needs’ award 2017

Wiltshire Life conservation category award - runner up

Testemonials -

‘‘It is an invaluable experience - an invaluable organisation.’’ Alison, supporter of The Secret Garden Salisbury.project. France.

‘‘The amazing and wonderfully informative Secret Garden in Salisbury, is one of a number of successful projects that Becky has initiated and manages. Becky is highly knowledgeable and deeply passionate about these projects and wild life issues. The bee trail for example; as well as being educational and nature centered has also got the community at heart too. The Secret garden has a large number of people who both work and visit the garden and is a testament to Becky’s ability to bring people together and be inspired by nature. It actually changes my thinking.’’ Greg, Secret Garden supporter and member of online community. Devon.

‘‘I have learned so much, shared so much & enjoyed the postings of everyone here.  I hope my garden is supporting more wildlife now than before. 
So very glad that I discovered BeesKnees group.’’ Ian, online community member, garden supporter.

‘‘The inspiration that the Bees Knees online group has been to me is a multi-faceted and deep reaching. It has had an holistic effect on my life, and through me, also the lives of people around me: friends, family and virtual friends. Becky, has a personal approach to everyone she comes into contact with, and despite her workload always makes me feel that she can spare time to advise me or pass comment on my photograph posts or queries.’’ Sue, online community member. Northern Ireland.

‘‘I’ve learnt so much about natural gardening, the countryside, British species of wildlife and of course wild bees. I’ve changed the way I care for my garden, absolutely everything I do is for the benefit of the environment, all because of what I’ve learnt on the BeesKnees. I consider this to be one of the best things I’ve added to my life over the last few years. ’’ Barbara, Bees Knees community admin team member. Wales.

‘‘This lady has inspired so many people to take an interest in the wildlife world around them’’ Robert, garden supporter. Wisbech.

‘‘I would just like to thankyou to the Bees Knees community and the Secret Garden family for all the encouragement I have had in making my garden more wildlife friendly. I am 74 years old and have arthritis as well as being my husbands carer, I cannot get out very much and my garden is my sanctuary. This is a great stress buster for me and a help to lots of wildlife.’’ Jackie, online community member. Bath.

‘‘The exchange of ideas and opinions is constant and thought-provoking.’’ Sandy, project supporter. France

‘‘On a personal level Becky has given me the support and confidence to run a volunteer group at my local park and the Secret Garden has given me ideas on how the Park can be improved for bees, wildlife and therefore park users.  At a time when awareness of the damage we are doing to our environment is increasing and more people are asking how they can make a difference the Secret Garden has a key role to play. It and Becky are both priceless and essential.’’ Janet, garden supporter. Salisbury.

‘‘I continue to be struck by Rebecca's knowledge and the selfless effort she puts into organising her various projects. I see her motivation as both scientific, ethical and aesthetic. She is concerned with explaining the workings of nature while at the same time being constantly moved by its beauty. Underlying that drive is the ethical view that the human world benefits from understanding and valuing the natural world around it’’ Mel, member of the walking group and online community. Bournemouth.

What do the scientists say about my projects, click here.


More on those projects, in words and pictures -

Salisbury Bee Trail - an innovative award winning bee awareness project. Using both AR technology and graphic art, I have created a bee trail to both visually engage but fascinate with added technology. Find all 12 signs around Salisbury city to learn about bees in the most exciting way.

Thank you to my generous bee trail sponsors who are -

bee trail raring to go pic at art centre - Copy.jpg

To follow the trail with the free App, search ‘Bee Trail’ in App store or Play store.

Sponsors comments - 

 Laverstock and Ford Parish Council 

“Laverstock and Ford Parish Council are as busy as bees working for our residents. As dedicated volunteers with no political bias we might be compared to a small colony of industrious  insects although solitary bees we are not! When we looked at the grant application from Bee City for us to be a main sponsor of the Bee Trail we were inspired by the thought of our countryside-loving parishioners, together with the hundreds of students at our secondary schools, collecting a virtual Andrena cineraria,  Orchard pollinating bee on their smartphones before taking a stroll on one of our Parish Trails across our bee friendly chalk downs and water meadows.”

Blue Bee Solutions -

''We love our bees at Blue Bee (no surprise there!) so when we heard about the Secret Garden in Salisbury installing a permanent city wide trail to showcase all 260 species of bees we were first in line to show our support! We all love and need the honeybee but the new city trail will help more people understand the importance of all species of bee.

The 3D trail is the first in the UK, and is part of an amazing project to make our Salisbury the first education focused bee friendly city in the UK. The 12 trail stops will be situated throughout the city with our Blue Bee logo situated on each sign! The trail will be officially opened in July this year following other bee focussed events in Salisbury''

Becky Twigg, organiser of Bee city added, “it is great to have a business in Salisbury helping us with sponsorship, it is clear how much they love our little bee friends and it is a snug fit with their name too”.

Vicky, Director of Blue Bee added “Once we heard about the trail we were really keen to help in any way we can. Supporting our City is important to our company’s ethics and beliefs, but supporting our ever changing city and helping bees is a win, win for us. It will be great to put our web design tools down and experience it all in July”.

Bee Trail concept, design and delivery by Rebecca Twigg.

Graphic Art work by Geri Ford of Bluntwood.

AR images by Blue Flame Digital.