Anthidium manicatum (The Wool Carder Bee)

Anthidium manicatum (The Wool Carder Bee)

Endorsement from Stuart Roberts of BWARS/ The Bumblebee Conservation Trust 

BWARS is the National Recording Society for Bees, Wasps and Ants and its work depends 100% on the efforts of volunteer entomologists and recorders. As such we are very happy to support projects that aim to raise awareness of bees and the importance of the habitats in which they live.

Rebecca Twigg has demonstrated that she is an inspirational force (both locally and nationally) in motivating people to become more “bee aware” through her work, and her presence on social media. All of this is achieved through encouragement and by adopting a refreshing “can‐do”mentality. Monitoring of bees (and other pollinators), benefits enormously from public engagement in recording, and I know that a number of people have started contributing to the national database as a result of her work.

The role of pollinators is now high on the public, political and academic agendas and, as such, this project is extremely timely and fits neatly into the framework of DEFRA’s recently announced National Pollinator Strategy.

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