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Equali-Teas event at The Secret Garden Salisbury

Celebrate Democracy in this nationwide event, in association with Salisbury Democracy Cafe.

Come and mark a great moment in history!
If you are a thinker or a ponderer, or love to debate or even just listen in on some debate or hear some classic text about the way we think, this event is for you.
Some of the stuff that is happening -
There will be a poetry reading - The poems are The Burning of the Books by Bertolt Brecht; Anna Akhmatova's Dedication to all those lost in the Gulags; Yevgeny Yevtushenko's Humour, in which he declares that tyrants cannot command humour; and Shelley's Mask of Anarchy. We have a facsimile of Shelley's original manuscript - his writing was so bad that even Mary Shelley mis-transcribed some of the words. So we will have a Shelley Challenge; inviting people to see how far they can read it before stumbling. Or just come along to chuckle at the readings!

We'll have a mini democracy cafe - We'll use a copy of The Thinker, and The Trial and Death of Socrates, which includes a famous question to help people ponder, we'll talk about (and think about) the value of thinking!

We'll also have some debating cards if this is your thing, provided by the national Equaliteas people for the day.
And a third table with a the table top game around these subjects, also provided by EqualiTeas national event organisers.

If nothing else though, come along and enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake at this outdoor celebration to mark 90 years since the Representation of the People Act became law.

*The garden is open on this day as usual, so you can come in and enjoy the space as usual too. 
*Weather permitting as always.


Venue: The Secret Garden Salisbury

Do drop in!!

Earlier Event: 13 May
Dawn Chorus Walk