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Wild for Bees - All day talks at The Secret Garden Salisbury

All day Bee Talks. (Part of our wider Bee City project) 
Drop in to one of our mini bee talks - and get a complete introduction look at the wide world of wild bees in a 30 minute talk.
Topics covered -
Wild Bee Species.
Plants for bees.
Bee habitat.
Bee facts - and some fiction!
And we will do some basic bee spotting too.
£3 each talk. 
Talks start at:  12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm
Please be there 5 -10 minutes before the talk. We have a maximum number of ten for each of these talks, so its a first come first served thing. 
These talks are all part of our 'Bee City' project, and will arm you with enough knowledge to go on and make a difference for bees on your little patch of the world.

The garden is also open for all to wander in today, as usual, and we will also have -
Plants for sale
Cakes for Sale
Bring a Pic-nic and enjoy some quiet garden time with the gentle hum of the birds and bees.
Crafty kids - make a bee flag
**Weather permitting**