BEE CITY Project

In 2017 we launched a City Wide initiative 'Bee City' based around our particular interest in pollinators, and grounded very much in scientific resources of the highest quality, much of this emanating from my friendship with wild bee specialist and entomologist Stuart Roberts. While planting the space for pollinators goes at a slow steady pace as we remove ground elder and replace with historical garden or wild species, we wasted no time kicking off our educational element by launching with a talk about wild bees during Salisbury International Arts Festival 2017. We then followed that with the launch of our innovative AR city wide Bee Trail. Within 4 months of launching we were delighted to be presented with a 2017 'Bees Needs Champion' award from Defra at Kew Gardens. Read about that here.  We are now proud to announce a second award with Wiltshire Life awards in March 2018, and many more outreach achievements in the 'Bee City' project since. Please see our gallery for pictures.

  Salisbury Bee Trail - an innovative award winning bee awareness project

12 Graphic Bee image signs to find, One Free App, 12 Augmented Reality bees to Trigger at each trail sign, lots to find out about wonderful wild bees as you go!

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The Bee Trail is a mapped city wide trail of 12 artist commissioned illustrated signs, each installed in a different city park or green space, that can be found via a free map, at any time of the year. At each trail point you can learn about a different pollinator with our mini quiz and bee facts.

You can download a free App to make each trail sign Bee illustration come to life before your eyes; in AR (Augmented Reality). The concept design and development for this Bee Trail by director Rebecca has always been with the intention to make it transferable and really increase the number of people in the general population that understand the big bee issue. Get in touch if you would like to chat about commissioning your own city trail. Scroll down for more info on maps and the App, and our Sponsors.

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Winner of a Wiltshire Life Conservation award 2018

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Salisbury Bee Trail can be followed around Salisbury City but it also 'Pops up' at festivals and events elsewhere. Find out how to get your own trail by getting in touch for a pack.

Thank you to our generous sponsors who are -

Sponsors comments - 

 Laverstock and Ford Parish Council 

“Laverstock and Ford Parish Council are as busy as bees working for our residents. As dedicated volunteers with no political bias we might be compared to a small colony of industrious  insects although solitary bees we are not! When we looked at the grant application from Bee City for us to be a main sponsor of the Bee Trail we were inspired by the thought of our countryside-loving parishioners, together with the hundreds of students at our secondary schools, collecting a virtual Andrena cineraria,  Orchard pollinating bee on their smartphones before taking a stroll on one of our Parish Trails across our bee friendly chalk downs and water meadows.”

Blue Bee Solutions -

''We love our bees at Blue Bee (no surprise there!) so when we heard about the Secret Garden in Salisbury installing a permanent city wide trail to showcase all 260 species of bees we were first in line to show our support! We all love and need the honeybee but the new city trail will help more people understand the importance of all species of bee.

The 3D trail is the first in the UK, and is part of an amazing project to make our Salisbury the first education focused bee friendly city in the UK. The 12 trail stops will be situated throughout the city with our Blue Bee logo situated on each sign! The trail will be officially opened in July this year following other bee focussed events in Salisbury''

Becky Twigg, organiser of Bee city added, “it is great to have a business in Salisbury helping us with sponsorship, it is clear how much they love our little bee friends and it is a snug fit with their name too”.

Vicky, Director of Blue Bee added “Once we heard about the trail we were really keen to help in any way we can. Supporting our City is important to our company’s ethics and beliefs, but supporting our ever changing city and helping bees is a win, win for us. It will be great to put our web design tools down and experience it all in July”.

Art work by Geri Ford of Bluntwood.

The concept design and development for this Bee Trail by director Rebecca has always been with the intention to make it transferable. Get in touch if you would like to chat about commissioning your own bee trail.

Thank you to Wild Bee Expert Stuart Roberts for being my inspiration to design and create this trail! - Rebecca

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