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Wiltshire Life Awards 2018

Winner of DEFRA 'Bees Needs' award 2017 and Wiltshire Life award finalist in the conservation category 2018

What is Bee City?

Doing our bit for bees, has to involve education. There are so many projects that 'help bees' but we want to go a step further and educate to a level where people can go away with the tools and knowledge to make a real difference themselves. Bee City is an exciting long term project to invite the city community to learn about wild bees and get active for them in fun creative ways. We are asking YOU to make this project amazing by doing your bit!  After all; what is a wild flower meadow or a bee box if we have no idea how or why it helps? I want to offer the opportunity to really make an impact, as active Bee ambassadors in the city; I hope to enable the community to get a firm understanding of the array of things that can be done to really help. This is a journey where you will discover that bees are even more diverse and wonderful than you could imagine and helping them can be so much fun!

Bee City encourages city residents to get involved in a variety of ways, from requesting our free schools workshop PDF's to holding a bee talk for your local group or community, to making your garden, school, workplace or entire village more bee friendly. Advice is available; just pop in to the garden one Sunday afternoon (see open times) for a chat or ..

To book a talk about Wild Bees or just ask for some ideasget in touch here.

Wild Bees are captivating & worth looking after, watch this short film to see some in action...

Thank you Team Candiru for allowing us to show this short film. Now skip to some practical Top Tips for helping wild bees.

 Joyce with her beloved solitary bees

Joyce with her beloved solitary bees

Why just solitary bees you ask? Click to find out more about why our gaze will not be at honey bees

Thank you for getting involved by holding a talk, workshop, habitat making or planting workshop or writing about our project, to -

The Trussell Trust.

Woodlands School

Salisbury International Arts Festival

Salisbury Art Centre

Salisbury Museum

Salisbury Playhouse

Sponsors of the Bee Trail

Wiltshire Life Magazine

Salisbury Life Magazine

Salisbury Journal 

Spire Fm

BBC Wiltshire Radio

Friends of Harnham Slope

First Steps Nursery

Fisherton Mill Gallery

Friends of Victoria Park

Rotary Wilton

Lower Bemerton Open Gardens

Transition Town Salisbury

Downton Green Group

Wiltshire Creative

Salisbury City Council

And LOTS of schools who are working on our Bee focused workshops.